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Dua (Prayer) for our Beloved Mothers

This is an extremely touching dua for our beloved mothers by Fatih Seferagic , whose amazing voice brings tears to our eyes.

The place of the mother in Islam is very high. Here are 2 of the many examples of how Allah and his Prophet (PBUH) have ordered us to treat our mothers:

  • Allah says in the Quran:

“And We have enjoined upon man, to his parents, good treatment. His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship […]” [Sourah al-Ahqaaf 46:15]

This verse tells us that although the children should serve both the mother and the father, the mother’s right is greater in importance on the ground that she undergoes greater hardships for the sake of the children.

  • Abu Huraira reported that a person came to Allah,’s Messenger (PBUH) and said :

Who among the people is most deserving of a fine treatment from my hand ?

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He said: Your mother.

He again said: Then who (is the next one)?

He said: Again it is your mother (who deserves the best treatment from you).

He said: Then who (is the next one)?

He (the Holy Prophet) said : Again, it is your mother.

He (again) said: Then who?

Thereupon he said: Then it is your father.

 Reference: Sahih Muslim 2548 a

 In-book reference: Book 45, Hadith 1

USC-MSA web (English) reference: Book 32, Hadith 6180


Oh Allah, have mercy on my mother like she had mercy on me when I was younger

Oh Allah, make my mother happy like she made me very happy

Oh Allah, accept from my mother her actions, the small ones and he big ones

Oh Allah, make my mother among those who are not afraid and who are not sad

And accept us into the Highest place in Jannah (Firdaws), ya Allah !

Allah loves mothers