Dua for Finding a Righteous Wife

Brothers, are you looking to get married? Here is a dua for finding a righteous wife.

للهم اجعلني من الطيبين وارزقني الطيبات أَنْتَ الْمُعْطي وَأَنَا السّآئِلُ وَهَلْ يَرْحَمُ السّآئِلَ إِلّا الْمُعْطي بِرَحْمَتِكَ يا اَرْحَمَ الرّاحِمينَ

Allahuma Ij3alnee min alTayibeen WA Urzuqnit Ttayyibaat antal mu’-t’ee wa anas saa-il wa hal yarh’amus saaila illal mu’-t’ee, birah’matika yaa arh’amar raaha’imeen

Oh Allah make me from amongst the pure men and grant me from the pure women. You are the Bestower and I am the beggar, and who else can be merciful to the beggar except the Bestower? By your Mercy, O the most Merciful of the Merciful.

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