Don’t Waste This Ramadan

Ramadan is here. It is so important that we don’t waste this Ramadan! Many of us do not know the value of this month!

This month is really a blessing, it is a month of worship. It is a month our souls have been crying for. If you give the month of Ramadan its due rights you will reach the stage of awliya!


It is the month the doors of jannah are open and it is a month of forgiveness. Please do not waste this month. Every night in this month Allah looks down on his ummah and says “Hellfire has been made haram on you”. 

Imagine Ramadan is like a bank, they call you up and take you downstairs to where the vault is. They tell you we are going to open the vaults and take whatever you want! You have 2 hours, take whatever you want. In those 2 hours are you going to be answering phone calls? texting? checking Facebook? Will you have time for a friend?

For 2 hours of dunya you can block out all distractions but when Allah tells us the doors of jannah are open and the doors of hellfire are closed, can you make the effort? 

To be alive to see this month is a gift from Allah (swt). 

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