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Don’t Feel Depressed: This World is Dunya

Don’t feel depressed.

No matter how bleak it looks out there, it’s Dunya.

You are in the lowest dunya, meaning the lowest place.

Ad-Dunya, we are at the bottom: it’s only up from here.

This place is designed to break your heart… It was designed this way.

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If you are looking to be happy in the dunya, you are in the wrong place.

If Allah gave you a horrible spouse, you can get out of it, and He might give you another horrible spouse.

Or you don’t find a spouse and then you are lonely and you wish you were with your horrible spouse, because at least being with him or her there was somebody to talk to.

And then He might make you happy, but look how many wealthy people you know that have a lot of wealth and who have children that are in tribulation, who have sons who are completely wayward.

Look out there, people are in tribulation.

You look at him because he has a big house or he has a nice Mercedes, but if you were in his shoes you might say I want to be back in my old shoes even though they have holes in them, because at least I can sleep at night.

In his shoes, I have to take all these pills to go to sleep.

Everybody has their tribulations, and it is very rare that people have a happy and wonderful life. Those people are rare, and they are a sign of Allah’s signs.

Ibn Abbas said that the foundation of dunya is tribulation, so if you are in blessings it’s easier in some ways, and in some ways it is not because it is easier to forget Allah when things go well.

It’s much more difficult to forget Allah when things are difficult.

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