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Do we need to ask forgiveness everyday?

We will all be returned to Allah (swt). The biggest way to help ourselves is to ask Allahs forgiveness. When we look at the life of Muhammad (pbuh) we see he used to seek Allahs forgiveness everyday. Even though he had no sins he ask Allahs forgiveness between 70-100 times per day!

How many times do we let the days pass without having sought true forgiveness from Allah even once? 

Shaytaan comes to us and makes us forget that any day could be our last day to please Allah (swt). Seeking forgiveness cancels the sins we have committed. When we do good deeds for the sake of Allah (swt) they automatically delete the minor sins as mentioned in the Quran “indeed the good deeds cause the bad deeds to go away”. 

3 Best Times for Asking God’s Forgiveness