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Do Prophets Make Mistakes?

Do Prophets make mistakes? Are they sinless? What are Muslims beliefs about this? Musa (AS) killed someone and of course Adam (AS) was expelled from Paradise.

When Musa (AS) killed someone it was before revelation came to him. He also killed someone accidently. He didn’t mean to kill someone.

Muslims do believe that Adam (AS) ate from the fruit when he was told not too. However, this doesn’t negate from the purity of Adam or all of the prophets combined.

Prophets are valued as innocent of sin. If the prophets were sinful it would discredit them as being role models for mankind.

However, if they do make a “mistake”, like when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did when he turned away from the blind man, revelation comes to let people know that only Allah has the right to correct His messengers.

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The messengers can be scrutinized but only by Allah, we can’t scrutinize them. There are many places in the Quran where Allah does warn the prophets and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).