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Dhikr After Fajr Salah!

After you finish Fajr salah, sit down and don’t rush. Sit and make some dhikr! Say “Alhamdullah” “AubhanAllah” and “Allahu akbar” the minimum of 10 times. 

If you have some time after that sit and engage in azkaru salat and the supplication of the morning and understand that reading. These two dhikr are much better than reciting the Qur’an at this time. Why is that? Because it is prescribed for that time. 

Once you finish all of this, then read some Qur’an. If you are new to this and see that azkaru sabah is too long then pick two or three and stay on them for a month. They will give you protection and strength! 

There are some that we already know. This dhikr should be said 100 times a day. You can split it up into 50 in the morning and then 50 in the night.