What Are The Dangers of Becoming Religious?

Do you know of people who went to extremes after becoming religious?

One of the devil’s greatest traps is to push a new person to faith, a convert or otherwise, to “go too hard.”

What are those signs and how can you protect yourself?

In this brief video, in the series on Surat Al-Jinn, Imam Suhaib Webb explains these issues to help protect the student of knowledge from going astray.

The Jinn mentioned in this Sura teach us the qualities of the students of knowledge.

1- Pay attention and listen well

2- Group work

3- Passion

4- Respecting the Sacred

5- Appreciating things from their general principles first before delving into the ingredients and the recipes; that comes later.

6- Having that cognition

7- Having the spiritual affirmation

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8- To act on that knowledge and live that knowledge and to be an extension of the divine teachings of Islam.

Now, why do people lose focus?

Especially the students of knowledge?

One of my teachers used to say no one has a greater enemy from Satan than the student of knowledge.

Satan will not leave that person alone.

He won’t give up on that person.

The first is setting out to study for the wrong reasons.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, says whoever studies to be famous let them prepare for Hell-fire.

Another narration says they will not smell the fragrance of Paradise…

To study for fame or to study for dunya is a problem.

This doesn’t mean you should not be paid, Imams should not be respected or scholars …

No, that’s not what I’m saying.

But when the intention at the core of a person’s being is that, they are going to lose focus.

Usually they will be those who create trouble in the Ummah.

Don’t miss this excellent video by Imam Suhaib Webb to find out the right way of becoming religious.