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Coronavirus and Muslims – Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk discusses the Coronavirus and Muslims. How can we protect ourselves from Coronavirus? Mufti Menk tells us that we should do everything we can in order to prevent getting this disease. 

Whenever we are ill we go to the doctors and we should go to them to get treated. However, we must not forget Allah. We must always make dua to Allah to get better. Never remove Allah from the equation. 

Another thing we can do is pray for someone who is sick and ill. The angels will then pray for the same thing for us. We will never lose out from making dua for ourselves and for other. 

We must remember to visit the sick. We shouldn’t forget them and we should remember the Islamic etiquette for visiting the ill. 

How Does the Prophet (PBUH) return our greetings?

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