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Conducting a Marriage Online during Lockdown

Are you considering conducting a marriage online during lockdown? Are you wondering how you can do that? Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf discusses.

We live in a pandemic era where all of our way of life has changed. This includes marriage and nikah ceremonies. We now have to look at different ways of conducting them and online is one way to do it.

Usually people need to be present at the ceremony in order to make it happen. However, if the wife-to-be is unable to be there, then she can make someone in the country where her groom is act on her behalf. That person can be her representative.

Those who need to be physically present in the same place is the groom, his wife (or her representative) and two witnesses. The sheikh conducting the marriage does not have to be there. He can be on the phone or on Zoom.

If anyone else wants to be there, they can also join on Zoom. But there are 4 people who have to be there in person. They can social distance themselves but they have to be able to see and hear each other.

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Once that has been done, the nikah is done. There doesn’t have to be any food or anything. The four main people have to be in one place, the groom, the bride (or her representative) and two witnesses.