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Compassion is the Foundation with Children

What is the most important foundation for our relationship with our children? Compassion! It is essential to build a compassionate relationship with our children.

Compassion, affection, love has to be the foundation of the parent-child relationship. As parents we must create an environment where the parent undeniably cares for the child. Love doesn’t exist as some abstract concept but it is repeatedly demonstrated in actions.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) would demonstrate this with his children. Every day he would come home and kiss his daughter, Fatima, on the forehead. His love would repeatedly be demonstrated.

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No one was more merciful or compassionate with children as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Tell your children you love them and hug and kiss them often. We should demonstrate our love for our children even as they grow up.

When you are disciplining your children, hug them afterwards so they know you still love them.

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Give them compliments and build confidence in your child.