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Can You Meet Your Spouse Before Walima?

A questioner asks if he can meet his spouse before walima? The families have agreed that they won’t meet until after the walima.

Once the Nikkah has taken place then technically speaking they are a married couple. There is no sin on them once the nikkah has taken place, if they are alone and are intimate.

However, many find they are caught in the middle of Shariah’s allowance of them being able to do whatever they like and the family’s expectations of what they should do.

If the couple do the nikkah and then decide to divorce and they haven’t met each other alone, there is no iddah period and the mahr will be lower. If they have been intimate with each other there has to be an iddah period and the full mahr will have to be paid. If you have gone behind your parent’s back at this stage then it will be a little awkward for you if a divorce does take place before the walima.

It is not wrong in the eyes of shariah to meet up together and be intimate together after Nikkah. There will be legal ramifications if there is a divorce before the walima. So it is better to speak to the parents about this issue before meeting up.

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