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Can Spouses Video Tape Each Other during Intimacy?

Can spouses video tape each other during intimacy? Perhaps it is OK if the couple are the only ones who are going to watch it.

However, this is not so simple. We know how many of these things get leaked to other people. Another point, which is extremely important is that a marriage doesn’t always last forever. What if the couple divorce? Often people can get very angry that they release images that should never have been taken in the first place.

Do not video yourselves being intimate and do not take photographs either. The reality is that the harms are far greater than the benefits of such an act.

If a couple is separated by physical distance and they need to have that visual to engage in intimacy then it is OK as long as it is not recorded.

To record these acts is highly problematic because you do not what is going to happen to this video in the future.

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