How Can We Come Together for the Sake of Allah?

Nowadays, so many things are meant for us to hate each others and discriminate against each others.

‘How Can the Muslims Stop Hating Each other?’…. In this short but powerful and rich video, Mufti Menk is explaining how we can achieve peace without compromising our faith, but rather applying tolerance and keeping our beliefs near to our heart at all times.


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We are not asking you to give up something to make people happy! No! You don’t just shave off your beard! You don’t just remove your hijab because you want to fit in! Because fitting in will never ever end

[…] believe what you have to, let others do what they have to as well thank Allah, that Allah has blessed you with respect with honor, with dignity, with calmness. We don’t drink!  We are not intoxicated. We are not people who abuse anything! Subhan’Allah … we don’t do that which is haraam.

We seek the forgiveness of Allah constantly. We continue encouraging each other to be able to achieve the peace


Mufti Menk illustrates the greatness of our difference and what we are meant to do, as well as what are these difference made for? Why aren’t we simply all the same? He has a witty way of breaking it to us (see from 2m04sec)


[…] the differences we have […] as human beings […] is not there to discriminate against one another! It’s not there in order for one to think that “I’m above” […] it’s there for recognition purposes so that you can recognize one another.

[…] I always say we would meet number plates on our foreheads […]

Allah knows!

Learn to love people, learn to respect them learn to honor them.

A very important reminder as a Muslim: the most honored in the eyes of Allah from amongst you is he or she who is the closest to Allah in piety.

Mufti Menk explains how thinking that we are better and trying to demonstrate it, is just about to backfire! (with his usual entertaining practical examples J  )

[…] anyone who thinks “oh I’m pious! I am a pious person!”… That’s the beginning of the end of their piety because piety makes you humble it makes you concerned!

[…] when people think others are going to hell, I always say “perhaps you are already there?! That’s why you can see who’s there, who’s not there??!! How can you tell?

[…] May Allah forgive us, may Allah subhanahu wa’ta’ala grant us ease … We don’t need to think that way, we need to rectify ourselves

Friendship for the Sake of Allah