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Is it Better to be Alone or with Bad Company?

Bad company and negative peer pressure have a dangerous impact on most people, especially the youth.

What do you do when you have no one who shares the same views as you?

Who wants to make the change like you?

Is it better to be alone in that case?

This is really an important question.

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And I’m glad it was brought up because I would say it absolutely is better to be alone than with bad company.

And sometimes it is when you are alone that you are closest to Allah (SWT).

And in fact, even if you have good company, it does not substitute for the time alone with Allah (SWT).

Everyone needs that time alone with Allah, if you really want to build your relationship with Him.

And this sometimes happens in the last third of the night, in qiyam, in whatever time it is after Fajr, or even after Salah and you are making du’aa, that you have time alone you’re reading Qur’an.

That time cannot be replaced, even if you have the best of company.

Even if you are surrounded with Sheikhs that are teaching you, it still cannot replace that time alone with Allah (SWT).

And I can’t emphasize that enough.

And it may be that Allah is doing this for a reason.

It may be part of your training, that you need to be alone for a while, and that you don’t have the good company and therefore you will have to be on your own for a while, and sometimes this becomes a blessing.

Because what it does is it sometimes builds your relationship with Allah even faster and stronger than if you did have company.

And definitely it is better to be alone than with bad company.

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