Best Way to Resolve a Marital Conflict

If a couple is going through a bad patch what is the best way to resolve a marital conflict? Marriage is not easy and we will all encounter conflicts of some sort. So how can we resolve them without them being turned into something bitter?

It is a multiple process depending on how serious the conflict is. First and foremost the couple should try and resolve the conflict amongst themselves. Direct communication, dialogue, mercy and tenderness are all important when trying to resolve any conflict in the marriage.

If that doesn’t work then family and friends should step in to help out. They should know both of you and there should be a family intervention and a family dialogue.

If the conflict is still not resolved then Allah advises in the Quran that the husband and the wife should choose an arbitrator and the two arbitrators should get involved to try and resolve the dispute.

It is important to note that in the Shariah the two arbitrators are legally binding, they have to be listened too.

If you live in a mainly Muslim country the next step would be to go to a court or a judge. In a non-Muslim land this process is not in place so it gets a little tricky. If the couple live in non-Muslim countries then the couple should try and go to the masjid, find somebody in an arbitrator council to help resolve the matter. What is the most important is that it is dealt with justly and that no one is denied their rights.