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The Beauty of Allah’s Creation

How often do you contemplate on the beauty of Allah’s creation?

In this video, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf reflects on this matter.

He starts by reminding us of the four elements we are composed of, which are earth, water, fire and air.

Then there is a fifth element, which is the soul.

This spiritual essence permeates the world.

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We pray five times a day, three of those are when the sun is not visible and two of them are when the sun is visible.

So they are divided by night and day.

They are also done according to the movements of the sun, which again is harmonizing with the world.

So the idea of watching the sun, if you get up before dawn, just to see that every morning, it’s something spectacular, just to go out and look at that phenomenon of the breaking of dawn and what that means.

Then watching that sun move across and becoming aware of this movement that is occurring every day.

One of the things about modern human beings is that they are so out of sync with reality, just with nature.

People are completely isolated.

Food comes in packages. People just do not experience the earth anymore…

Don’t miss this excellent three minutes reminder on the beauty of Allah’s creation by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and reflect.