Be that Comforting Home

When the Companions felt that they needed someone to go to, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was always there for them. When they felt that this world was tough on them, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was always there for them. When they were hungry or needed money, they knew that they could go to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) because they knew that he would never turn them away. 

It is time for us to not look away. At these times when we see so many injustices happening, it is important that we do not turn people away. “Allah will establish a just nation even if it’s a disbelieving nation. And He will destroy oppressive nation even if it is a Muslim nation.” So when we stand up for those that have been wronged, we are actually doing a service to our country by saving our country from ruining itself. This is an obligation of faith. 

We must stand up for the rights of those who are being oppressed and wronged. And we should never, ever abandon these people. 

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