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Be Kind to Others, Allah Will Be Kind to You

When you are kind to others, Allah will be kind to you. Don’t be selfish. It is not just about you, it is about a broader circle of people. Learn to reach out to your family members, starting with your spouse. Then broaden it to the wider community, then the nation, then humanity and then to all the creatures of Allah.

The one that is concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of all people has a beautiful soul. The one that is concerned about all of the creatures of Allah has a beautiful soul. When you assist others, you will definitely receive the assistance of Allah.

If you create ease for others, Allah will create ease for you in this world and the next. Blessings are not amounts of money. The amount of money you have has nothing to do with whether or not you are blessed. Sometimes it could be a punishment. Blessings are connected to the effective use of what Allah has given you.

Sometimes people have a lot but they have done nothing with their wealth. Sometimes people have very little, but they have so much blessings in that little. To achieve those blessings, be kind.