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Are You Scrolling a Little too Much?

Ask yourself, are you scrolling a little too much? Do you want to see the latest updates on your Instagram or Twitter feeds? Do you want to answer the comments left on your Facebook post?

There needs to be a limit. No one is assuming you are looking at something haram, however, you need to set limits. Many times you are scrolling late on at night into the early hours of the morning and you have a spouse right next to you.

Many people are struggling with back ache, neck ache, migraines. This is because when we sit we are slouching and getting too much screen time. We are not getting enough sleep. At night, put aside your phone. The world can wait. You do not need to know everything that is happening. You do need to get enough sleep.

Set a time to browse and stick to it. How much time have we allocated to Allah and the Quran? Sometimes we rush our prayer but then we relax on the bed in order to look at our phones.

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