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Answers on Parents and Early Marriage, Dinosaurs

How can one convince their parents regarding early marriage if they want them to finish school and have a job first?

Does Islam encourage the early marriage of students in today’s context?

Dr. Shabir Ally in this video responds to this question and three other questions on topics related to Qur’an translation, dinosaurs and secular humanism.

First question is about the Qur’an:

Q1: Is it prohibited to read the Qur’an in translation because I heard the interpretation is different, so does it still count if you read it in translation?

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Yes, in fact it’s even better for people to read the translation in a language they understand, better than to read the Arabic text.

But of course, there is no replacement for the original Arabic text.

And one of the beautiful things about the Qur’an is that we have actually kept it in the original, and God has so arranged that the Arabic language has continued to be a living language, so people can still read and understand the Qur’an in its original Arabic and interpret it correctly.

But at the same time, for the average person who does not know the Arabic language, it is better to read the translation, even though there are many translations, but read more than one so that you get a fuller understanding of the meaning by comparison and contrast among various translations.

Marriage, Parents, School & Work

Q2: How should one convince their parents for marriage if their parents want them to finish school, and have a job first?

“We have to say to parents that we know that in our religion, adultery and fornication is totally prohibited, so it is a sin to be avoided.

And definitely to help our children to get married to avoid that sin, this is a great act of goodness.

Of course, it would require some support from the parents to help children in that situation.

And at the same time, the children who want to get married should live up to their share of responsibility as well, because marriage does come with certain responsibilities.

Normally, a guy would have gotten his job first, then gotten married. True.

And then he would have his full share of responsibility to maintain his family.

Well, he should look after them, at least in part, while he is completing his studies, but it is important for parents to step in and to save their children from falling into sin.

Check this excellent five minutes video for more questions and answers by Dr. Shabir Ally on the topics of dinosaurs and also Islam’s views on secular humanism.