Animal Kingdom: A Reminder of Allah’s Powers

The animal kingdom is a part of our world and Allah’s creation! It is a reminder of Allah’s powers. It is a reminder of our Creator.

Allah says (interpretation of the meaning)in the Quran:

“He is Who created for you all that is on earth”

[Surah al-Baqarah 2:29]

“WHY ALLAH CREATED ANIMALS?” Mufti Menk, is refining the understanding that we have about the role of the animals and plants as elements of this world. He explains why cruelty towards them a sin.

How are we connected with Allah’s creatures?

The main subject could be resumed like that: how are we connected with Allah’s creatures?

It is a reflection that is so important, especially nowadays when we see how destructive have been humans’ actions and decisions on our environment.

What roles do they fulfill?

In Islam animal and plants have roles to fulfill. What we know is that as part of Allah’s creation they are:

  1. Glorifying Him in ways that are not obvious or visible to us. This means that they are creations with their own right.
  2. Fulfilling vital roles in human’s life and in the development of this world. This means that they are creatures subjected to man’s essential needs, as per the will of Allah.
  3. A sign for mankind to trust in Allah’s existence through their complexes and diverse designs as well as through their skills and techniques.
  4. A test and a reminder for humans that Allah is the Giver of life.

And this is the last point that Mufti Menk is developing in this video.

–       Life is sacred and given by Allah, whether it is a plant or an animal, whether he allowed us to eat from it or forbade it.

–       We are not the ones who give life to them, hence we have to observe the rules He has defined and reflect upon our roles in our eco-system.

–       Allah has put them on earth to test us.

May Allah make us thrive to understand the meaning of His verses and reflect upon the perfect interconnection of our World, ameen.

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