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An Emaan Plan – That is How to Really Change your Life!

We cannot make changes only through speech. There are many people who are religious, pray five times a day but that’s as far as they go. People say that because those who make an effort to go to the masjid or have a beard or wear hijab are labelled as ‘religious’.  This puts the idea in our minds that we are practicing and we do not need to do anything else.

We always hear people say “Brother I will pray soon”, what is stopping you from praying now? People in business have a 100 year business plan but do we have an emaan plan? A plan on how to become a better Muslim?

The Sahabah (ra) used to find it hard to keep up with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) when he would walk as he was a man on a mission, he had an intention. So what is our mission in life? What is our focus in life? What do we want to achieve?

When God Blesses You, Your Life Changes