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Man Accepts Islam a Day after Halloween!

This man accepts Islam a day after Halloween! Now why would someone accept Islam a day after Halloween?

This man was out partying with his friends and they were all completely drunk. So a Muslim brother took them to their hotel. On the drive home, this individual started acting very strange as if he was possessed.

One of his friends started to have a little fun with this guy who was acting strange. He was a Christian pastor so he decided to play a little Christian rock music but the man just zoned in and out.

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The Muslim brother decided to play some Quran and as soon as he started to play Quran, the man jumped onto the floor and covered his head with a pillow so he couldn’t hear the Quran any more.

The next morning when he gained his consciousness, they shown him the video they took of him that night. He asked the Muslim driver what is this? The Muslim brother said it looks like you were possessed by a jinn so he played the Quran and he startes giving him dawah. SubhanAllah, the man accepted Islam right there.