50 Years of Friendship: Abu Bakr & Prophet Muhammad

Have you ever wondered what kind of friends Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had around him?

Understanding who was at Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) side, is a key stage in developing our love for the Prophet (PBUH) and Islam.

This video is portraying some of the characteristics of Abu Bakr (RA) the long time companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Abu Bakr (RA)  is Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) childhood friend … 50 years of companionship (before and after Islam), loyalty, respect, esteem and honor.


The Prophet (PBUH) was 12 and Abu Bakr (RA) was 10 years old and the day the Prophet (PBUH) passed away he was 63 and I Abu bakr (RA) was 61. That means they knew each other for 50 years. 50 years… can you imagine being best friends for 50 years?


When Jibreel (AS) (the angel Gabriel) came to the Prophet (PBUH) and asked why Abu Bakr (RA) was poorly dressed, the Prophet (PBUH) answered that Abu Bakr (RA) had spent all he had for the sake of Allah.

Jibreel then told the Prophet (PBUH): ‘Allah commands you to ask Abu Bakr: are you still happy?”


Abu bakr (RA) responded, like bewildered, shocked….he said: “Are you asking if I could ever be upset with MY Allah????”

[…] he kept repeating the same phrase that says:  “I have been, I am and will always be pleased and content and happy with My Lord and My Master

That was Abu Bakr(RA).

When they were migrating from Mecca to Medina the people of Mekka had placed a bounty on the head of the prophet (PBUH):  a  hundred camels, dead or alive.

Abu Bakr (RA)  heart was so unsettled as he was afraid of anyone hurting the Prophet (PBUH), that he kept on moving around with his camel while they were travelling, trying to protect Him from all sides.

It made the Prophet (PBUH) wonder what was wrong with Abu bakr (RA).


[…]Oh Messenger of God I know that they’re coming to try to hunt you down so sometimes I’m riding to your rights and then I get just this paranoia in my heart, in my chest, that what if they come from behind?  And if somebody shoots an arrow from behind before we can react? So I slide behind you so that the arrow would hit me … then I think they might come from the left! So I go to the left, so the arrow would hit me, then I go to the front, then I go to the right, then I go to the back, to the left, the front, the right and I just can’t stop!

And that’s when the prophets (PBUH) said calm down […] Allah is with us,  don’t worry

The kind of friendship between Abu Bakr (RA) and Prophet Muhammad (PbUH) was all about love and loyalty, and proved to be so deep that he said about it :


[…] “my best best bestest friend is Allah, that position has been filled…but if that position was still open Abu Bakr would have gotten that position.”

That’s how the prophet (PBUH) displayed love and appreciation.

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