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4 Ways Allah Created Human Kind

There are 4 ways mentioned of how Allah created human kind. Allah created us by His instruction. “Be” and it was.

The initial creation was the dust, the soil and the water that is mixed with it. Allah allowed it to dry up and then Allah gave it life. There was no mother or father at this stage.

The came Eve (PBUH). She was created through a male without the involvement of a female. Then there was the creation of Jesus (PBUH). He was created through a female without the involvement of a male.

Then there is the rest of us. We came into existence through a male and a female. This goes to show every possibility. Allah had displayed His power. He can create without a male and a female. If He wants he can create a female without a female and a male without a male and He did this.

This is the plan of Allah and how amazing it is! SubhanAllah!