3 Moments Which Lead to Paradise

Usayd Ibn Hudayr (ra) powerfully narrates the three moments a person’s heart should strive to be in, which will lead to Paradise.

The amount of janazahs we are witnessing today, it is important to ask Allah for a good ending. Would it be reasonable to ask Allah for a good ending if you are not living a good life? We should take into consideration that the angel of death can come at any time, therefore our actions should be good. If the angel of death came to you now would you be happy to die in this state? 

There are many stories of sahaba (ra) and scholars getting a great ending, dying in sujood, dying reciting the kalima etc. This person would take their sajdah seriously and therefore died in sujood. Many have died reciting the Quran! Allah allowed them to die in this dur to their devotion to good acts. 

Fatima (ra) the daughter of Ali, narrates that Aisha (ra) said”If I was going to be in these three states I would know I am from the people of jannah….” Watch the video to find out what they are!