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10 Signs You Have a Toxic Friend

The older we get it becomes hard to make and keep friends close to us. Sometimes the people we don’t expect to let us down hurt us the most. 

If you feel burdened by a friendship it may be a sign you have a toxic friend. Here are 10 signs of a toxic friend. 

1. You can’t be your true self around them.

2. Your communication becomes almost existent. 

3. Constantly smother you. 

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4. You feel you are competing against each other.

 5. Aren’t considerate of your feelings. 

6. Give you a hard time for your mistakes.

7. Controlling and micromanage you.

 8. Friendship provides more stress than support.

 9. They talk about you behind your back. 

10. You forget why you became friends in the first place.