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10 Mental Illness Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Mental illness should never be a taboo and we shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it. Here are 10 mental illness signs you shouldn’t ignore.

  1. Having feelings of sadness or depression that last longer than two weeks – we all suffer from sadness at one time or another but normally these feelings get better with time. If these feelings are still there after two weeks then it is a sign of depression.
  2. Extreme mood swings and you don’t know why – people tend to experience positive emotions more often than negative ones. Massive changes in your emotions and energy can be a sign of bi-polar disorder.
  3. Worry and anxiety is out of control – when we find ourselves worrying but can’t shut it off it can be a sign of an anxiety disorder.
  4. Withdrawing from others or isolating yourself – taking time away from others can be positive for your mental health. However, when you constantly make excuses to avoid others it can be a sign of mental illness such as depression or anxiety.
  5. Delusions or hallucinations – this could be a sign of psychosis.
  6. Difficulty handling real life situations – when you are going through a rough patch that lasts between 2 weeks to 2 months can be a sign of depression.
  7. Sleeping too much or too little – sleeping too much or too little is very common in people who are suffering from a mental illness.
  8. Abusing drugs or alcohol – 1 in 4 who live with symptoms of mental illness use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate.
  9. Extreme anger outbursts – if you feel your anger is almost impossible to control it could be a warning about your stress levels. This could be unresolved grief or anxiety.
  10. Thinking of self-harm and suicide – people who have committed suicide have usually had a severe mental illness before. If you find this is you, please seek help.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in yourself or loved ones, it is essential that you seek help from professionals as soon as you can.