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Inspiring Journeys to Allah – The Journey of Maria

This episode of inspiring journeys to Allah is an emotional, hard-hitting story. It is the journey of Maria.

Maria was born and raised in Mexico. She was born Catholic but was exposed to different faiths and beliefs.

As she grew older she explored different spiritual callings from Jehovah Witness to Rastafarian belief. She never felt that these were fulfilling to her.

As an adult, Maria lived in a rural area that was controlled by the cartels. It was a common practice in those areas to worship idols. It was also a common practice for business owners of members of the community to be kidnapped in those dangerous areas. One day it happened to Maria.

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This is an emotional journey about danger, desperation in the face of death, survival and hope. As a survivor and after being held at gun point, Maria eventually found her way to Allah.

Maria feels that Islam brought her back to life. This is a story of renewed life and finding purpose.