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Inspiring Journeys to Allah – The Journey of Hameed

Have you ever thought how the adhan moves you? In this episode of inspiring journeys to Allah, we learn how the adhan played a pivotal part in Hameed’s journey.

Hameed is retired a military personnel, who lives in San Diego. He is a part time anthropologist and volunteers as a social worker.

Hameed was raised in a Catholic household to a school teacher and a barber. He always had questions growing up about his spiritual connection.

He joined the military service in 1988 and had training in counter-terrorism. After 9/11 he was sent to Bahrain. He always felt that the adhan pulled on his heartstrings despite the fear he had towards Islam when he went on tours.

When he returned home as a veteran he had many emotional issues and went through many levels of fear and resentment. One day, when out on a hunting trip, he heard the adhan again and it literally stopped him in his tracks.

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Shortly after, he met with an imam who invited him to listen to some lectures in the mosque. Gradually, Hameed felt his fear turn into hope and his heart soften. He finally found his purpose and realized he was home. His heart had finally opened through his journey to Islam.