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Inspiring Journeys to Allah – The Journey of Ameena

In our latest episode of Inspiring journeys to Allah, we listen to the journey of Ameena Blake. Ameena grew up in Sheffield and was an only child. She had a very academic upbringing.

Ameena went through religious education but felt alone and disconnected. Ameena was confused by the religion she was raised in so she started to question it. She never felt like she fit in but she realizes that these feelings would pull her towards something more.

At 18 years old, Ameena suffered a traumatic event that led her to live homeless out of fear. A Muslim friend opened up her heart and her home to her. Ameena saw a first-hand introduction to Islam.

Her friend’s kindness was mind-blowing. Through her friend, Allah brought Ameena to Islam. After she heard the adhan for the first time, Ameena felt that she had been moved from darkness into light.

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