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Inspiring Journeys to Allah – The Journey of Aisha

This is the inspiring journey to Allah of Aisha. As a teenager Aisha converted to Islam. A decision she made when kids her age were figuring out their own identities.

She grew up in Idaho and came from a religious evangelical community, she came across Islam on a missionary trip to Indonesia. There she met a Muslim women, who told her that she too loved Jesus (PBUH).

This encounter sparked the first steps towards her journey to Islam. She had so many questions about the practices and the religion.

She began to doubt what she had been taught all of those years. She realized that her views were aligned with being a Muslim. She felt she had found the thing that she was looking for.

After she converted to Islam she faced opposition from her family and community. However, Aisha was steadfast in her beliefs.

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She prayed in a family through respect to her family and she did Ramadan alone without any support. Yet, she knew that Allah was always with her.