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Open Mosque Day in France For Non-Muslims

The Open Mosque Day in France this weekend has given the public an opportunity to meet Muslims in their place of worship.

Non-Muslims around the country visited mosques to foster integration as France marks anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

After observing first hand the daily congregational prayers, Muslims offered visitors guided tours and responded to their questions about Islam.

Held under the banner, “a brotherly cup of tea”, the initiative suggested opening the doors of all major French mosques to welcome visitors interested in knowing the true nature of Islam.

Inviting the public to hot drinks and pastries, and showing calligraphy workshops, this was an interesting experience for many French people to discover their co-citizens’ practices and understand more about their faith.

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French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve accepted an invitation to visit a mosque near Paris, and hailed the initiative.

France needs, more than ever, “the engagement of all Muslims in France”, he said.