Muslim youth can interact with members of the opposite sex as long as they govern themselves by the guidelines of Islamic ethics of male-female interactions. Here are a few points to stress which applies to all Muslims, males, and females:

1- Islamic teachings about modesty require that both men and women abide by the rules of modesty and decency in attire as well as appearance; this would entail avoiding revealing, transparent or tight dresses that invite attention and elicit lustful stares and thoughts. Humans are created weak; Allah, who created us, has revealed laws that are intended to safeguard us against our weaknesses.


2- While interacting with the members of the opposite sex, one should guard the eyes against lustful stares, and keep the mind focused on pure thoughts, and seek to dispel the Satanic whisperings and suggestions by arming ourselves with the weapon of dhikr and duaa.


3- To arm oneself with the weapon of dhikr means to turn to Allah seeking protection from the traps of Satan:

Prophet taught us to supplicate thus while venturing out:


Tawakkalthu ala Allah laa hawla walaa quwwatha illaa billaahi


In the name of Allah (I set out). I place my trust in Allah; there is no power or strength except by the will of Allah.


We are told when we do so, the angels will say, “You are saved and protected.” And Satan will keep away from him or her.


Allah Almighty knows best.

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