Early marriage

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “O the young people, those of you who can afford to support a family should get married for it helps to guard your eyes and keep you chaste.”


So, the purpose of marriage is guarding one’s chastity. Our scholars have ruled, if a person cannot guard his chastity and fears falling into sins, then he should get married; marriage in such a case is not simply a recommendation but an obligation as long as one can afford it.


If one cannot afford it, then one should seek to curb his sexual desires by fasting and occupying oneself with creative projects to turn his mind away from sinful thoughts until such time he is ready to take on the responsibility.


To conclude, if a person is an adult, male or female, he or she is eligible to seek marriage partnership provided they can fulfil the necessary conditions.


As for the requirements of a valid marriage, you may refer to the answer linked below:




Allah Almighty knows best.

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