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Some housework and/or in the future if work of husband comes up, while exercising, and we can do that right after the exercise, is it disrespectful?

if a person’s health is going very bad,but he/she,keeps thinking,his/her parents might ask for household chores or in the future the wife/husband, and the person totally neglects health,is overweight, is it okay?

even if the person is not overweight,should they exercise daily to stay fit nonetheless,and can they excuse themselves from chores and actually use their right to look after themselves,then do the chore again later without feeling guilty?


Islam teaches us to take care of our body, mind, and soul; we should not cater to anyone exclusively at the expense of the other.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Your body has rights, your Lord has rights, your eyes have rights, your spouse has rights, your guests have rights, so give each one his or her right.”

We must never ignore our fundamental duties and focus on the less important matters. Instead, we should try to schedule our daily activities in such a way that we balance our duties and responsibilities.

So while paying attention to physical fitness, you should never ignore your essential chores or fulfilling your spousal duties even as you must never fail in performing your religious obligations.

We have a beautiful example in the Messenger of Allah. While his duties as a ruler burdened him, he still found time to jog with his wife, Aisha, also to do the chores at home. He once kept the people wait in the mosque after the Iqamah was given to go home and check whether the cooking pot was covered!

So, let the example of the Messenger of Allah be our guide in leading a balanced life and setting our priorities in life.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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