broke an oath


i am a 14 year old child.

i had swore to allah that i will not commit a particular sin and if i commit  it i will not be a muslim and i will read the kalima again. but then i broke it

i did not know that i have to do an expiation. now that i know please tell me that do i have to do an expiation or read the kalima again. if i have to do expiation, can i fast for three days cause i am a child

 if not then tell me how can i read the kalima again.

please answer quickly.


You ought to repent and expiate by fasting three days or feeding ten poor people and also renewing your faith by reading the testimony of faith while resolving firmly in your mind never to make such oaths. It is indeed a grave sin for anyone to say that if I did this or that sin I would not be a Muslim. A Muslim who sins is still considered a Muslim, albeit a sinful one. He can redeem himself by seeking repentance and asking forgiveness of Allah.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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