Ayat E Kareema


Salam. I want know about ayat e kareema. I have heard that it is the ayat that yunus (as) used to recite this in the darkness of his time. And i also have heard that if someone recites this ayat 125000 times making a definite aim then allah (swt) fulfills it. Please provide me proper guidance relating this topic


Wa `alaykum As-Salamu waRahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

It is indeed very beneficial to read the Du’a of Prophet Yunus. It signifies recognition of the glory of Allah, admission of one’s failings, and imploring Him for His mercy and forgiveness. Therefore, it behooves everyone in distress to use this Du’a begging for help.

Prophet Yunus was sent to preach to a people who refused to respond to his preaching. He became upset and became hasty and walked away from them. Allah wanted to teach him a lesson. So, when he boarded a ship, the captain was advised to shed some load to save the ship from drowning; he realized it was a test from Allah, and he volunteered to jump into the ocean, and soon a whale swallowed him. Once inside the belly of the whale, he turned to Allah in sincere repentance: He prayed thus: Laa ilaaha illaa antha subhaanaka innee kunthu mina al-zzalimeen (There is no god but You; glory be to You. Indeed I have wronged my soul (and so forgive me and save me).”

Allah answered his prayer and rescued him.

So, if you are in a distress, you should use the above prayer. Allah will answer your prayer. However, the answer may come in ways that Allah decides: He does what is best for His servants. Humans often think something is right for them while it is not so, according to Allah’s wisdom. Thus, the fact that you didn’t get the answer you wanted should not disappoint you. Instead, you ought to accept Allah’s will and be content with it.  The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “ No Muslim  would pray for something other than things involving a sin or severance of blood ties, without Allah answering his or her prayer: He may give him or her what they prayed for immediately; or avert some calamity bound to happen because of the prayer; or keep it as a treasure to reward them with it in the next world.”

As for the number you mentioned, there is nothing in the sources to support it. It is mere speculation. So, you should not attach any value to it. We are not allowed to make up things like these without any basis in revealed texts.

However, you should not stop using the prayer if you are faced with a distressful situation. Insha Allah, Allah will send down relief, if you pray with firm faith and sincere conviction.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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