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Too many doubts

Peace be upon you,

Thank you for approaching us with your question.

Here is the most honest answer: you stop doubting when you immerse yourself in knowledge of the deen and deep understanding of the meanings of the Qur’an and the Names and Attributes of Allah Almighty.

There is absolutely no way that you know the Qur’an in-depth, and then you remain doubtful. Absolutely no way, and I say that from experience. This Book is literally the miracle of all miracles; there is nothing that penetrates the heart of the human being as deeply as the Words of the One who created it … literally.

Think of this scenario: if someone gave you an iPhone for example, and then you took it and put it in your drawer … abandoned, and never actually opened the box or explored the features in the phone. Then someone came and told you let me tell you about this new phone I have (a knock off brand). They start telling you about all the features in this knock off brand, so you become impressed. You start doubting your own phone. You get confused and sad about what you have. And you think maybe it’s not for you, you want this other phone you were told about …

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What’s the problem here? The problem is that you do not even know thoroughly what you already have. Accordingly, you don’t know its worth, and this makes you vulnerable to believing or wanting other things that might be of much lesser value than what you have.

So, step number one, to overcome these doubts, is to immerse yourself in the deep and thorough study of the Qur’an. This is only fair because if you don’t know adequately what Allah says, then how do you doubt Him? You haven’t even explored in depth what He says.

So, I’m positive that a deep and interesting study of the Qur’an will not only put your heart to rest, but will also fill your heart and mind with peace and light and serenity and happiness. I’m saying this from experience!

Please check this video here, it provides an easy and interesting plan for delving into the Qur’an with Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan. His lectures are usually immensely thrilling and thought provoking. Give yourself a chance to listen to his Qur’an tafseer lectures and you will not regret it.

I have one more piece of advice. Please sincerely make dua and call upon Allah for help. Yes, I know you might think I already doubt Him, why would I speak to Him. Well, you know what, if you have an issue with someone, the most honorable thing to do is to go and speak with him. It is not to go speak about him with others, or go speak with those who already dislike him, the most objective and most dignified and most sincere thing to do is to actually go and speak with Him.

So, I ask you to sincerely and transparently, speak with Allah. He will listen to every word you utter and the many more you will not utter. He will listen to them all. He already listens to those thoughts inside your heart and mind right now. He is nearer to you than the screen you’re looking at to read these words right now. So, just speak to Him, ask Him: what is burdening my heart and mind, where can I find answers to my questions, how can I have complete peace and light in my heart. Ask sincerely, and if you are true about wanting guidance, He will guide you. There is no doubt about it!

I do not need to give you any specific answer to please anyone, I tell you the absolute Truth and the Truth is: there nothing on the surface of the earth that will give you pure, durable sense of peace and light other than the Creator of Peace and Light Himself! Anything else and anyone else are just limited means, but He is The Source, The Origin. If only you can re-fall in love with Him, you will truly be immersed in peace.

I pray that Allah puts your heart and mind to rest. Ameen Ameen.

Now, I wholeheartedly recommended that you check each and every single one of the resources below. Give them a go, please, as soon as you can. And let us know if you have any questions. We would love to help.

P.S.: Please do not abandon your prayers. You will not increase your faith in Allah or remove your doubts by disconnecting entirely from Him. Prayer is the connection between you and Allah. So just keep praying, but speak sincerely in it to ask Him for what you need. 


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