Knowing that someone does zina


I know someone who is in my family that does zina while being married how should I tell them? I’ve tried to tell that person before but they denied it and insisted to hold the Quran.

The person is my mother and I tried to find the answer on the internet but couldn’t. How should I tell my mom and not disrespect her as that will go against Islam. What can I do to forget this?


You are not allowed to accuse anyone of adultery; it is a major sin. If, however, you are sure, then you should advise her; if she does not stop, you leave her alone and pray to Allah to guide her to the straight path.

After all, Islam teaches us that each person is responsible for himself or herself. It should not in no way imply that you should accept it; instead, you ought to detest and shun such behavior and pray to Allah to guide your mom and yourself from such abominations.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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