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1a. I want to make a game app shooting app where you dont draw the humans faces eyes animals etc but only trousers shoes helmets etc and i wont draw the human at all just clothes only etc they would obviously look like humans or the shape of humans but they are only clothes so is this halal to be made or is this haram to be made for a shooting game app1b. Also are animals and humans allowed to be made for the sake of getting money and spending it in the sake of allah for a shooting game Or is it haram to do that also1c Also is blood allowed to be drawn Or is red spray for blood allowed to be drawn1d also can i make red triangles for eyes Is this halal or haramAnd can you please give me evidence for each of your answers for each questions


All of the things you mentioned are allowed to be made in a game since this would not come under the category of drawing pictures or making statues.

All the hadiths that scholars have discussed pertained to drawing pictures or making statues.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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