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Saturday, Jul. 29, 2017 | 13:00 - 15:00 GMT

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First of all Assalamualaikum . I am 22 years old and due to some congenital anomalies I am impotent.. No one knows about that except the doctors I met. It is not so long that I will be told to get married.. but as I can't how should I live my life with all the embarrassment in the society and family.. plz help me out ..

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 
Intimacy is a major part in marriage that causes both spouses to stay away from Haram and get a chance to have children. If your case is confirmed that you cannot have intercourse, then you must treat yourself before you seek marriage.


If your case in not treatable, I suggest to seek marriage from a lady who is OK with such condition of yours like widowed or divorced with kids.


In this way, you get to be having a partner in life that covers other needs like companionship etc.


Allah Almighty knows best.


If in the time of end days of one’s menstruation, one see brown discharge before urination and then after urination she cleans her private part with water and right after that she places a tissue paper in her private part and see some white discharge. Will this white discharge be considered as the end sign of menstruation? I am confused about this as this white discharge come just after cleaning the private part with water.

Yes, what you mentioned is the normal phase for clearing from menstrual blood. Yellowish to brownish fluids will be a sign for close time of the end of the period. Either total dryness or the white fluid discharges are a sign for clearing from the period totally. You should take a shower and you can pray at that time.


Allah Almighty knows best.

In Hanfia fiqh does a woman is required to cover her head while reading The Holy Quran and listening to Adhan?

They request that as a manner with the Quran (Adab.) There is no clear and direct reference from Quran or Sunnah that it is a must for a female to cover her head while reading Quran.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Hello, I am an artist and a Muslim. i like to draw Greek gods, monsters, and other fantasy creatures. I also collect some artworks that contain other belief. My belief is strong, insha Allah, does Islam permit my hobby? thank you.

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 


It is not permissible to draw anything that people see as religious figures to be worshiped or cause harm to their faith. Anything else is permissible.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Is freezing the fat halal? Is lighting your skin I.e reducing dark circles, getting even skin halal?

Freezing fat is a procedures to get rid of fat cells after they die in freezing, I do see it as a medical procedure for the wellness of the person, so yes it should be fine.


Changing skin color is also permissible as it naturally happens with more sun exposure or less. The conditions that I need to remind you about are:


1- Not to cause harm to the body.

2- Not to base it on the intention as rejecting what God gave you. Just for beautification is fine.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Asalamwalaikum. Ever since I was young, I've always enjoyed drawing, coloring, and sketching and am actually quite good at it. However, I'm also aware that drawing figures with souls are not allowed, so I've been trying to change what I do. There are many opinions about owning figures, drawing them, certain restriction, etc. My question is; what exactly are the rulings according to Islam?

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 


You will run into many views that prohibit drawing any figure that might reflect a live matter like humans or animals.


I adopt the idea that the only thing prohibited to be drawn are figures that can be worshiped or assumed holy or sacred like saints, priests, angels etc.


Anything else humans or animals should be fine.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Assalamualaikum, My question is that can a girl or a man marry secretly with the person whom the parents of both are agreed with to get them married? The relation is approved by both families but they are taking time for the marriage i.e. 2 or 3 years. So, the girl and the boy want to marry secretly in order to avoid the adultery or zina. Can they do that? Please, tell me what would be islamic wisdim here because they have fear that they will be indulged in the same if they don't marry soon. Already they have been waiting for marriage since last 4 years and still they are ordered to wait for 3 years which is also not sure. Thank you Jazakalla

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 


Life is full with tests and trials for every one and this is your test that you must pass and not fail. Since there is approval from both families but delay is meant for certain matters like finishing school or getting a job, etc. then both of you must practice patience, keep away from Haram and make Dua`a’ that Allah helps you in that.


In your case, I do not see permissibility for a private Nikah, if you are to become a mom or the person you wish to marry becomes a father both will not approve such approach.


Allah Almighty knows best.

I've been waiting a long time to marry a man who lives very far from me. He is my brother's friend and his parents don't want him to get married until he finishes his undergraduate degree (which will take another 3 years). They don't seem to understand the fitnah of delaying marriage in the western community we live in. We have always wanted to get married with everyone's permission and in the "ideal" manner, but if it is just not possible to do so, can we get our nikkah in secret, as soon as possible, so that we are able to talk to each other legally in Islam?I know that men are allowed to marry without their parents' permission if worse comes to worst, but can I get nikkah without my father knowing? I can convince my older brother to act as the wali in sha Allah, but it would be next to impossible to convince my dad to act as the wali in the nikkah if the groom's own parents haven't given him permission for it. Just as a side note, my mother is completely aware of everything happening and she knows about my whole situation. She supports that we need to have nikkah done as soon as possible. Also, having two witnesses will be no problem in sha Allah; it is just the wali part that I am concerned about. I am so desperate to be married that at this point I am ready to take any stand to have my nikkah done.I have heard that for a marriage to be valid in Islam it must be publicized. But unfortunately and quite obviously, our situation is not ideal and therefore this does not seem to be possible. For me, if I am NOT able to get married right now because my future in-laws think it's too early for their son, I would RATHER have our nikkah in secret (and not publicized) than wait for a public marriage, while constantly feeling tempted to talk and fall into sin with this man. I yearn for the freedom to talk freely with my potential spouse and have the peace of mind that whatever I am doing is halal and permissible. We have already waited so long, and after him approaching his parents numerous times, the response is still as negative as it was in the beginning.So my questions are:1. After how long of trying to convince his parents do you think we should go forth with a private nikkah? 2. Will it be possible for me to have my nikkah done with my brother as the wali instead of my father? Because if my father finds out that my future in laws are against the marriage taking place at that time, then he won't agree to it either. I believe that if I am able to prove that my wali is being unreasonable then it is permissible for me to take someone else as my wali. 3. In the future after we both graduate, will it be okay/permissible for us to have another nikkah (even though we will have already had our nikkah done), this time publicly in front of his parents and my dad since they will not know of the first one? Only if I realize that a secret nikkah is never something that the scholars and famous Islamic speakers encourage, but in a situation such as this, what else can really be done...? I'm tired of people telling us to wait because unless anyone is in our exact position they can never realize how hard it is to just "wait". That simply isn't an option anymore, after having been an option for so long. Thank you so much, Jazakum Allah Khair, for helping me out in this time of desperation. I really have hope that I will receive an answer that will solve my problems this time. I have asked so many people for advice and help and I really hope the aboutislam team will be able to provide me with the answers I've been longing for. Once again, Jazakum Allah Khair.

You have to understand, sister, that no Imam likes to process a marriage that a major component of the conditions of marriage is missing. In most of such cases, the judge or the Imam will have to communicate with the father of the girl to convince him and if he sees that the father is being unfair and lots of Haram might be practiced he might apply some views of Fiqh to process the marriage under his authority.


So, my suggestion is to talk to the local judge or Imam in the Islamic court where you live and have the Imam speak to your dad about this situation.



Here in the US, that’s what we do when we face such case like yours and in many cases it might work and some cases it might not and you need to be ready for the worst scenario.


As to your specific questions:


For couples marrying for the first time, I do not see the permissibility for a private Nikah at all especially in your case where the father is not in approval. Private Nikah is usually practiced with all requirements like Wali, two witnesses, Mahr and its kept private mainly from another wife so it might not break the first family. I did not see that in your case.


Islam gave both daughter and father the veto right to block people unwanted in their life. You can reject anyone your dad imposes on you and in the same way your dad can reject anyone becoming his son in law. Both daughter and father are asked to be fair but if father insists, he can still block this marriage and you should be ready for that.


In most cases, being persistent on your request from dad for a long time, having people involved and getting support from a family member beside you will eventually make the father change his mind insha Allah.


The brother cannot be your Wali with the presence of your father. Only by permission of father, a brother can be the Wali.


Now, if your brother wants to be responsible to take that risk then the marriage must be done at an Islamic court and the Judge must rule based on the rejection of the father as non-binding ethically and that the bride is mature and her Wali is available, it might work.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Can I perform ghsul al-janabat frequetly as I do ablution even without having issues that necessitate the ghusl?

Yes you can but Ghusl Al-Janabah is a rewarded act of Hasanat because it is connected to the permissibility of performing prayer.


A normal Ghusul is just a normal wash but if you make an intention of Tahara in general it can be rewarded by Allah the Almighty.

Allah Almighty knows best.

I read in a scholar's answer about illness that it will be a boon if we recognize God's will and submit to it. And a curse if we fret, panic and complain and lose faith. I am diagnozed with schizophrenia and am currently taking medicines for that. My initial diagnosis 12 years ago was schizoaffective disorder. At that time I repented and started considering my sins seriously. So I think my iman was good at that time. Now I am doing things which I feel is ok to do and later think that I am persisting in sins by doing them. Sometimes I think Allah likes me but at other times I doubt I am a bankrupt person because of my relationship with others or I will lose faith or I might not have repented well or my destiny is already written as bad and recognized by scholars and muslims. Sometimes I think people see me as a religious enemy. On light of these please tell me what is my stand in front of Allah.

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 


I can tell that you have all the faith in Allah the Almighty that any person should be happy about it and try to maintain it insha’ Allah.


If such thoughts and reactions are because of the illness you are in especially it is a type of mental illness, I believe Allah the Almighty will not hold you responsible for it because illness is one of the categories of exemptions in Islam.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Hi I was grown up as a Christian last month I had a dream I was in a room there was light and a loud voice was telling me I am your lord and in front of me there was a open book and I realized that it was the Quran and that loud voice continues till I woke up. Can pls explain what it means

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 


Most of dreams are things that are on your mind during life. Some of the dreams can have meaningful interpretations. If this one is among it I see it as a good sign of a reminder to focus more on studying and learning the Quran to strengthen your faith in God the almighty.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Under what circumstances can a Islamic divorce happen? How long should be husband and wife live separate for the divorce to happen and what if a husband and wife lived separately for 1 year and communicated of divorce. Does under this circumstance divorce happen?

I am not in favor of this idea of separation. I believe that both spouses should stay together and live under one roof and be there for the kids.


Divorce is a decision that should be based on a conclusion that life cannot continue with such partner in life. If both came to such conclusion, then let them seek divorce properly.



Many people think of separation as a way to give people to think about matters of marriage or give time to be alone to ease hardships etc. Now that can happen if both spouses agree to but I doubt it will solve anything to be honest.


From my experience in counseling couples, it just pushes the problem for a period of time and prolongs disputes more and more.


So, in short, you do not need a separation period for divorce. A person can divorce once and keep his wife in her `Iddah period for three months in hope to reconcile but if nothing happened, it transforms into irrevocable (ba’in) divorce which is final.


Allah Almighty knows best.

As salaam Aleikum !The reason I am asking the following question is because you people can understand scholars and I believe some of you are?. I have young 17 yrs old daughter and I will be soon be discussing "Nikkah contract and polygyny". If I myself cannot comprehend something what can I explain & make her understand? No issues with Islam but with scholars things do not add up especially when it comes to" Muslim women right’s they are in books only! not allowed to be excised that's where i believe all our daughters will be lost! Need right, proper procedure, rhetoric& solutions within Islamic frame work to enforce it in practice from our scholars, as among them are also the " ONES WHO DEAL WITH OUR PERSONNEL PAPER WORKS "BASED ON OUR FAITH. Why do scholars give hard time to the first wife if she want o take herself out of equation when her husband takes second wife using “Valid reason" what is valid reason ? The most common answer we get is 1) Beating, negligence, not providing etc 2) It was not stipulate in the Nikkah contract etc. As. as long he is good and provides she is trapped to stay. Why the scholars do not understand even most of the sisters are not perfect but are really good wives too! People can be good in marriage but things cannot work out every one has preferences/choices too. Prophet's wife Zainab who was his cousin too ,left her husband( prophet adopted son) not because he was not a" good man/human" but that was not what she wanted for her ? it was considered valid reason! ' status" looks etc" is not valid reason to leave someone( may Allah forgive me) it was Zainab"preference. Loved that she got what she wanted. Correct me if I am wrong ,there is another situation where Prophet requested a women freed slaves with children to take her husband back as he was having hard time I believe she replied something like this "O Prophet are you taking away something (rights) that Allah has given to me? There are many first wives who does not want to take her Allah swt given rights from her husband of having more wives at the same time she dos not want to be part of it. if a women feel what goes around cannot come to her with so much diseases going around and also that's not the lifestyle she wants to be in. She should be given hard time.Most of the time the man want to keep the first wife not because he loves her but the second wife will not take care of his first wife kids and if the first wife marry and move on everything fall in his head so I feel the husbands & scholars want her to do the sacrifice under the beautiful blessing" Jannah lies under mother feet and it requires sacrifices"etc jzk for that but do not use it to your convenience. My father I beleive was not in love with first wife at all just humane. His first wife did not agree for divorce as she had two sons with my father that was her decision. My father promised my mother2nd wife before marriage to divorced her once married I am one among his second wife daughters from my point of view it left scars in both the wives children's. All the the kids hated our father marriages.but everything for justified by everyone in the name of islam. You cannot have affair then marry using islam it should done in an arrange marriage way informing everyone not permission no secrecy.Marrying means announcing too everyone right! Brothers are getting away with few preaching and yelling. Coming from environment where on one hand women are told islam gave women the rights ,women's are precious so be in hijab etc and other hand when it comes to polygyny. brothers have the mind set your sister is fair game for me and mine to you the rhetoric and jokes are acceptable even the well known scholar do its disgusting. . From taking care of in-laws is made FARD and the scholars are biased because all deed & pious are only for women. .Voluntarily doing good deeds is different from coercing and forcing! Even Allah swt given rights to what a women can stipulate in Nikkah contract is taken away by her own father and brother who should be protecting her rights and choices the pressure is too much for young girls due to culture where if she stipulate anything in the contract she will be considered as having not family oriented. big mouth etc Women's are not groomed to be leaders in our community always made them doubt their decisions from own family men. If the scholars are worried about immediate reaction from wives why not allow them to take "Khula" so leaving an opening if they decided to go back to their husband later? giving women the choices to make rather than brothers making for them. let us make mistakes just like our brothers & learn and bow down in front of Allah swt. I do not believe two wrongs make it right either.Women are born to men too! Male cannot be females role model but we can inspire each other on human level I always told my daughter that what a women/man says, does his deeds should not be used to judge Allah swt love for you nor allow it to come between Allah swt and her. jzk Salaam to everyone/.

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 


You have made many points that I agree with about how some scholars are handling marriage issues not in the best proper way it should be.


In short, Islam did not force any spouse to stay in a relationship if they decide not to. The man has the right for divorce and the woman has the right for Khul`.



Both husband and wife are asked not to let go the marriage for simple reasons but rather to practice patience on each other.


Taking a new wife is a decision that a husband should understand that he might be gambling with his first marriage. No woman would like her husband to take another wife. So the equation was fair deal;

The husband has right to take second wife..

The first wife has right to ask for divorce because of that.


This is part of the term (Al-Ba’s) that the Hadith referred to, meaning with no legitimate reason. The prophet (peace be upon him) did not specify what the legitimate reasons were. Each person can declare what is Al-Ba’s for him based on moral understandings, personal capabilities and social statuses.


It is though the job of every Imam or scholar to talk to the husband about the possibility of quitting the second marriage if he is to lose the first family. And also talk to the first wife of the possibility of trying to accept such status even for a period of time and see how it goes and decide if she can stay or must ask for divorce.


Allah Almighty knows best.

I am a student who was looking for a part time job. i need this job because I have interest based debt from the bank that I have to pay and get rid of. Now finally after over a year of searching for jobs I found a part time job at Subway and I am working there part time. The restaurant is owned and managed by a non Muslim and all my co workers are non Muslims, and sometimes as I make sandwiches some customers ask for bacon or pork related products etc but obviously these customers are non Muslims. dealing with pork is not that common in my job maybe out of every ten sandwiches I prepare and sell there are two to three that have pork products, sometimes none. so is my job haram or not, Thanks.

Touching pork is not Haram, it is filthy and if touched, hands must be washed. Now what is Haram is that making money directly by selling pork or working as an employee and your payroll is from an income that has pork in it is indeed partially Haram.


The prophet (peace be upon him) said: Allah if made something Haram, income out of it is Haram too. (Ahmad)


In your case, you must look for another job that is pure from any income that includes Haram.



By the time you find that job and you must work to pay extreme necessities of life like rent, food, etc. you can keep your job and donate some money you think equivalent to that portion of Haram income to purify your income.


Allah Almighty knows best.

Assalamualaikum. My wife is neither obedient to me nor my mother. She does not want to talk to me or my mother. She almost uses to sit in her room with our only son. Before 2 months she left me and is with her parents. I went many times there but they did not respond to send her there. They want her to be divorced but I love her very much so I cannot do that. Our only son is also with her. She always misbehaves with me & my mother. I am the only male with my un married sister & my mother in my family with no any helpful relatives. It is impossible to divorce her because I love her very much. I fulfill almost all her demands/needs. I am living a very hard life without both of her & my 2 years son. I tried my best many times to make her aware about the rights of each other but all in vain. Please tell me what I should do?

Wa `alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. 


In such cases, your only option is to send someone from your family like an elder or an Imam to try to ask to reconcile with each other and that you are ready to go with her for any counseling needed if it was religious or professional. It seems that she also might have complaints against you and for that she is not willing to communicate with you or ask for divorce.


If such efforts went nowhere, then you must be ready for that which Allah the Almighty does not like; divorce.


Allah Almighty knows best.


I think this is a little too open but I was wondering if I am allowed to rub my wife's clitoris when she is in her menses? Do I need to use any gloves or is it not acceptable during menses?

As for the spouses seeing each other’s private parts or area, there is no prohibition. As a matter of fact we have narrations that both the prophet (peace be upon him) and `A’ishah used to bath in one big bowl.


As for touching each other private parts or area, there is no prohibition.


In your case, you have to understand that the blood is filthy and if not washed will not permit you to perform prayer. Also some scholars declare that touching the spouse’s private area will revoke wudu’ so keep that in mind.



On a final note, such an area in a female is usually referred to in an intimate relationship and it is not permitted to be touched during menstrual period for that purpose of intimacy. I am not sure what necessity is needed for her to be touched during her period for any other purpose?


Allah Almighty knows best.