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Q&A Counseling on Mental Health& Post Ramadan Issues (Audio)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you for participating in the session.

Please find the 8 questions to which our counselor is providing audio answers.

If you do not find yours here, check out our upcoming session or submit it there again.

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Question 1. Should I Treat My Mental Illness Before Marriage?

Seeing someone for 5 months, I am suffering with anger issue grief of my lost mum, I want to marry but guy wants me to first get better and then date him and then decide

Shall I wait for him? Shall get counselling done treat my depression/anger? I don’t know if I have any issues, it’s just the frustration of getting older and not finding right match and when I found he is not ready to marry yet.


Question 2. My Ex Now Is a Muslim and Wants to Marry Me

I am a born Muslim. I was in a Haram relationship in 2016 with a non-Muslim girl. After realization, I made taubah, told her the reason and never contacted that girl again. In 2022, she contacted me saying that after I left, she started studying Islam and because Muslim in 2020 and is practicing now. She said that she cannot marry anyone who is not Muslim and wants to marry me so that she can lead a Muslim life as her parents don’t know that she is a revert Muslim. My question is that if I don’t marry her because of any reason like issues in this country etc. Will I be sinful or answerable to Allah for this? That I did not help her in her cause. And what will be your advice for me?


Question 3. Antidepressants & Inability to Pray Regularly

I’m on antidepressants for past 12 years …long history of psychiatric illness…for almost 22 years now. I had a broken marriage. I am unable to pray regularly.

Should I stop the medicines? I once prayed regularly for 40 days in my life …The inconsistencies in the interpretation of Islam ..couldn’t just agree with many of the things the local imams say …so I started studying the translated version of Quran (authentic) and started praying alone eased most of my pain…But I’m different from many orthodox Muslims…I just don’t agree with what all they say ..I tend to correlate it with Quran and the spirit of Quran …rather than taking them literally ..The prayer in which I pray alone sometimes takes up to 45 minutes just to complete 2 rakas. But I feel confident and live my life productively…I’m now happily married with a good wife and have 2 children. but I’m not able to pray regularly…It makes me guilty …I just want to live a life which is in the good books of Allah…not anything else ..I’ve been jailed by my ex father-in-law during the divorce proceedings ….kindly help me ..should I get rid of the medications?


Question 4. Felt So Depressed During Last Ramadan

Hello…During last Ramadan, I was doing the fast and I was feeling extremely depressed. What can you advice to me? I can’t afford my feelings.


Question 5. Panic Attacks: How to Fight Them?

I am an OCD patient I was having panic attack and anxiety from last 4 yrs now I was feeling better till date suddenly a thought came to me that who is causing me to get panic attack. Is it from Shytaan or from Allah? If it’s from devil I easily manage it but if it is from Allah how can one person manage that I stop myself from being going panic by simply not frightening by panic attack? I feel if it’s Allah how can I fight situations as it’s Allah’s doings and nobody can fight Allah.


Question 6. Feel That I’m Faking My Faith, Please Help!

As Salam o alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

I am going to turn 21 this year, and my entire life my relationship with Allah (swt) was as strong as it is today. I feel I have improved; I made a lot of dua for hidayah, I couldn’t even read the Quran, I used to miss a lot of salahs, my life was miserable I was involved in many kinds of sin and I used to struggle with anxiety and depression.

The problem is that, during this Ramadan, I planned and aimed at completing the Quran for the first time in my entire life by myself, but I couldn’t complete it, I have read the Quran this Ramadan more than I have ever, I tried not to miss any of my salahs, and fasts, alhumdolillah that went well, but I was sick so it tumbled down there a bit.

The biggest issue is that I share a lot of Islamic things with my friends and on social media, I know in my heart that I am not doing that to show people that I am better, or I am so religious, I do it because when I am reading the Quran or I come across some Hadith or dua or any information that Muslims should know or non-Muslims should know and that it would benefit them. But there’s a feeling in my heart which makes me want to give it up (I won’t though in sha Allah). That makes me feel as if everything that I do or want to do in the cause of Islam and for the sake of Allah (swt) is show off, is insincere, is fake, I feel as if whatever I do is for the world and not for Allah (swt), which makes me feel so upset and so down that I start to feel chest pains and I get irritable. I also have extreme anger issues and it makes me dislike myself more.

I don’t understand why I am like this or why I keep feeling this way, how I can cure it.

I try my best to offer salah, to give charity, to read the Quran, to be a better person, I wear abaya and hijab, I try my best to practice modesty and somehow it feels as if it’s not genuine.

Writing this is causing me a lot of pain.

I have some bad habits still and it seems difficult to get rid of them.

I don’t want to be ungrateful so I must say that alhmadulillah, Allah (swt) has given me the ability to become better than what I used to be, I am beyond grateful.

Is this impostor syndrome? Or am I really a munafiq or am I really someone who is faking and is I genuine.

I desperately want to get closer to Allah (swt), I want to feel at peace, but for some reason I am not.

Looking forward to your reply, it will be a huge help. In sha Allah.

Jazak allah khair.


Question 7. Anxiety: Facing Every Day a New Stress!

Salam. I’m currently going through some mental health issues. Every day, there is some sort of Islamic issue which stresses me out as I’m unsure if what I’m doing is permissible or not. This isn’t to ask an Islamic question as I know that you probably don’t give fatwas but my problem is that I might get braces as I have a tooth somewhere where it shouldn’t be, it has never bothered me so I wouldn’t say it was ever NECESSARY for me to get braces but I want to, just to fix them.

There is so much controversy about braces and it drives me nuts, I hate when there is something controversial because I’m always unsure of which opinions to follow. I don’t know if its permissible for me to get braces or not, but I’m sending you this question to ask you to kindly give me a solution so this pain and stress would stop, I’m also stressed about the music controversy, I want to listen to it but again, I’m unsure if its permissible. Every day, I have a new Islamic related stress and I’m not saying I have anything against our deen, I love Islam although sometimes the controversy is a bit scary.


Question 8. My Mother-in-Law Seems to Have Mental Issues

My mil pretends to be psychic and to see the gheib. She also habitually lies and makes up stories. More recently she has begun to steal from me, although other relatives have accused her of doing so in the past and when they confronted her, she plays the victim.
Should I tell my husband that I caught her scratching in my bag and that she stole money or should I set a trap for her and catch her stealing on a hidden camera so I can have evidence that she can’t deny before informing my husband or confronting her?

I want to confide in my husband but I’m afraid my mil will be able to manipulate her way out of it if I don’t have rock solid proof of her offence. She even gave some of the money to my kids for Eid to make a show in front of people that she’s a generous grandma, yet it’s money she stole so I feel like she must be exposed.

My husband and his siblings takes care of their needs and they have rental income and get money from the government, so it’s not like they are struggling but they don’t seem to want to live within their means and want their children to support their lifestyle even when their kids are living simple and budgeting.


Tuesday, May. 09, 2023 | 09:00 - 10:00 GMT

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