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Islamic Counseling (Audio Q/A Live Session)

Dear Brother/Sisters,

Thank you for participating in the session with your questions.

Please find the audio answers below. If your question has not been answered in this session, please check our upcoming sessions or submit it again there.

Thank you for your understanding.

Question 1. Hijab: What Are My Options?

I am an 18-years-old girl and my question is about hijab. Can I wear baggy clothes like baggy top and baggy jeans or trouser which doesn’t show up her body shape?

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Question 2. Parents Make My Family’s Life Difficult

Salaam, I am a 34-year-old Muslim man living with my wife and 2-year-old son in the same house with my parents and other siblings (elder brother and younger sister). I recently moved about 6 months ago and have noticed that my parents along with my elder brother have only been causing trouble. It’s been very hard for my wife and kid to survive in this house. We keep living in the same room for days. Basically, my mother has issues with my wife not looking over my son when he makes the house untidy even though he doesn’t even make it that dirty. She just exaggerates and creates an issue. My wife has no relatives in this country and she left her family behind and I have sympathy for her. But my mom screamed at her a few days ago saying all you do is watch movies and shows on your cell phone. Even though my wife tries her best to clean the house do kitchen chores with her and even cook food for my parents. Many a times my wife has even asked to do other chores as well but my mother says no and then later makes an issue out of it as well. My parents along with my elder brother backbite about my wife, my 2-year-old son suffers because of this as well and he gets no love from my parents and even if they do show love they keep reminding of the favor. On the other hand, my wife’s parents love my son so much and are giving him so much love. Basically, to sum it up, I want to move out of my parent’s house without letting them know as my wife, son and myself haven’t talked to them for the past 3 days and have been stuck in a room and no one asks about us in this house anyways. I wanted your opinion and suggestion if moving out is okay? As I am not comfortable talking to them.


Question 3. My Partner’s Father Wants Him to Marry Someone Else

My partner is from Saudi, I’m Tunisian, we are both Muslim. We want to get married and when he spoke to his father about it his father went very angry. His father expects him to marry someone from Saudi, from a specific family. He said if he decides to be with me, he will call him his son anymore.


Question 4.  OCD: How to End Doubts?

I have been suffering with OCD which has filled my life with hardship and distress; I get doubts whether I smell a bad smell or not when I feel like wind coming out of me, I doubt whether or not my ankle got exposed when I have my socks on for masah and end up taking off my socks all the time and wash my feet eventually. I doubt whether I feel wind coming out or not, I doubt if my wudu is invalidated whether or not if I accidentally wet my feet while washing my face or other limbs and doubt if my kudu is invalid if I wash my face starting from chin to forehead and not from forehead to chin, and as I was ignorant of many rulings like when we put on socks  it should be done while we are in a state of purity or that we cannot make kudu with nail polish on nails, I doubt if I ever used to not put my socks in a state of purity, and about the matter with nail polish, I did my best to make up the prayers in which I had nail polish on due to my invalid wudu, and I see some pictures of me sometimes when I had nail polish on and doubt whether I was on my period or not even though sometimes I have strong predominant opinion I was on my period while wearing that nail polish, and I doubt whether my wudu is invalid if I wipe of my feet from toes and then going up, not knowing it was the other way around, or if I did my Dudu my wiping my ears before my head due to being misinformed.

I also used to wipe over my head by wetting only the upper part not the back due to misinformation and when I knew it was mandatory to wipe over the entire head in wudu, I did it and got worried about my past prayers as I don’t know for how long I’ve been only wetting the upper part of my head in wudu, and I’ve been wondering about how I would be making up these prayers if I had to.  So my question is what to do? Should I ignore or just make up the prayers (and please pay attention to each doubt and tell me what to do about them)?


Question 5. He Died Before Repented; Will Allah Reunite Us in Jannah?

Should I wait for him till Allah reunites us in Jannah (in a halal way)? Is it sinful to stay unmarried?

I have been in a haram relationship for 3 years and committed zina. Will Allah forgive me?

Assalamualaikum. I’m a 17-year-old girl. I’ve been in a haram relationship for 3 years. I loved him immensely and he loved me too. We did many wrong things which I’m guilty of. We committed zina too, astagfirullah. But due to some misunderstandings, we broke up and suddenly, I got to know that he’s no more. He died in a bike accident. May Allah grant him Jannah. He never got the chance to repent. I just want to know that will Allah forgive him? What should I do to convince Allah to grant him Jannah? I love him a lot and I don’t want to get married anymore. I just want to live the rest of my life, praying for him and asking forgiveness from Allah. Will Allah reunite us in Jannah? I’ve read in my articles that a married woman will be reunited with her husband in Jannah and not her lovers. So, this is the reason that I don’t want to marry anymore. In Sha Allah, when i will go to Jannah, I will meet him.


Question 6. Gender Dysphoria: I’m Confused

I am 15 years old and I am looking for answers to some questions I have been pondering for a long time. Throughout my childhood I have experienced gender dysphoria, which led to self-harm and suicidal thoughts. My sexual attraction to girls began when I reached puberty and I discovered I was lesbian. I have a girlfriend who I love so much and can’t leave. I want to know why being gay is forbidden in Islam. I wasn’t born this way; I didn’t choose to be this way. How do I get rid of these desires? Is it forbidden to desire to remove some of my bodily parts because of gender dysphoria? Is it prohibited to identify as non-binary and if so, why? Why is it forbidden for me to fall in love with a girl when I didn’t want to?


Question 7. My mother abuses me, curses me and force everything in my life

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023 | 09:00 - 10:00 GMT

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