Is being a Firefighter haram?


I know this may be a stupid question to ask, but Islam says that we should not endanger ourselves and take care of our body. Therefore doesn’t that mean that being a firefighter places one selves to endangerment by the burning fire, collapsing building, rubble, heavy smoke, choking etc. Does that also not mean it counts as passive suicide since they already know they are placing themselves in danger? Here is a link to passive suicide explanation.

So is being a firefighter permissible or not? If a firefighter was killed in action, does it count as a martyr or passive suicide?

I have been searching up on google, islamqa and other sites but I have not found any fatwas regarding this. If someone has a say/answer or could also ask this questions on scholars/fatwa websites it will be much appreciated thanks


Fire fighting is an essential service; it helps save lives and protect houses and properties. Saving lives and protecting properties are fundamental objectives of the Shariah, so there is no doubt it falls under the category of fard Kifayah or collective or community obligations. Fard Kifayah, as defined by scholars, is an essential duty, so every community should have persons who are trained in it and are ready to respond in case of an emergency or need.

So, if you feel you could get the training to serve in this capacity, it would be a great service. It is not different from any other services such as policing, serving in the army or health personnel who are trained to treat those with infectious diseases, etc. Their services may often lead to encounters or situations endangering their own lives; that does not render it as Haram.  How can it be when we know that no community can dispense with such vital services. That is the reason Islam considers them as collective obligations. If the community neglects it, all of the members will be guilty in the sight of Allah.

The concern you have does not apply here: that would be the case only if you jump into the fire by risking your life. Firefighters are trained to take all the necessary safeguards to save themselves and others while doing their job.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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