Ask the Scholar (Facebook Live Fatwa Session)

Welcome to a new Facebook live fatwa session; we are honored that Dr. Jasser Auda is our guest.

Questions Answered in This Session

Am I Ready for Marriage?


How will I know if I’m ready for marriage?

It is recommended to get married early but how early? People say it saves you from doing something wrong but is sexual desperation the only criteria?

Romantic Call with Wife

What is the ruling on ejaculation of watery fluid during romantic talks with wife over the phone?

Language of Dhikr

Can you make dhikr while in sujood in Arabic language and also after the prayers?

Bad Habit Involving Adultery and Masturbation

I wanted to ask for any hadith and any ayahs in the Quran about masturbation and watching/thinking about adultery. This is a bad habit that I have been trying to tackle for almost a year now. I am 15 and I always fall into this sin. I feel very bad after I commit the sin, before I commit it I do not see any bad in it. I know it is wrong but yet I fall into this sin and at times I cannot control it. I have tried using a vpn to block these sites and I have even tried to listen to Islamic lectures. I become good for a day or two then I commit the sin again and come back worse. I have tried searching for tips to stop this once and for all. But I have been unable to find anything. Sometimes, I get to such a point of such shamelessness I commit this when I am fasting. Today I got a dream when I committed this sin and then I asked for forgiveness straight away with great remorse and regret. Please interpret this dream and please tell me hadiths/ ayahs that will make me change my ways and my bad habits. I am afraid of being doomed in the day of judgement. May Allah grant your goodness and May Allah grant you ease in this life. Ameen

Marrying Virgins Preferable?

Assalamu alaikum shaikh. Is it true that, it is preferred for men to marry virgins in stead of marrying divorced or widow according to Islamic teachings?

Chastity for Women Only?

Assalamu alaikum shaikh. Is preservation of character and chastity considered as responsibility equally applied to both genders? Or it is more applied to women and less applied to men?

Problems Regarding Wudu


I have been having some trouble with keeping my wudu, right from when I begin making wudu I feel like I am gonna release a gas, sometimes I manage to hold it while other times I have to redo my wudu. If luckily I am able to keep my wudu & begin my salat I again feel the rumbling sounds & feel like I am about to pass a gas, so I try to hold it as long as I can. I wanted to know if this is permissible & is there any solution to my problems. And is it fine to make dua without wudu after salat?

Dog Saliva Impure?

If a dog’s saliva is impure then why are we allowed to eat animals hunted by dogs?

Zina Punishment

What is the punishment for committing Zina after the break of fast during Ramadan, not during the fast?

Concealing First Marriage

Can anyone conceal his first marriage according to Islam to get married again or does he need to tell the 2nd bride?

Making Money through Music

Is it haram to make money from making music by playing an instrument?

A Gender for Allah?

Does Allah have a gender?

Artists and Art

Are artists not allowed to desire their art to be loved by others?

Working for a Place that Sells Pork

A sister used to work in a place that sold pork items. She has stopped working there now and she is not getting any income. As part of her repentance she wants to give money to charity but she is unable. Will she still be forgiven? Also she is still wearing clothes she bought with the money she earned from this place. Are they haram to her?

Car Insurance

Is car insurance permitted?

Looking at Opposite Gender on TV

Is looking at the opposite gender on TV allowed without the intention of lust? Also what are the limits of chatting online with the opposite gender?

Seeing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Dream

How can we see Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in our dreams?

Faking Name Online

Can we use a fake name online to avoid revealing our real names?

Spouses Ages

Is it OK for a man to marry a woman half his age?

Wet Dream During Fasting

During fasting, if a brother is asleep and wakes up and finds wet in his underwear, is his fast still valid?

Wrong Duaa

Assalamu alaikkum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu…I have a doubt regarding something…Will Allah accept the wrong dua?

For example if you ask Allah to give you someone’s disease will Allah grant that and if you ask Allah to punish you for others sin will Allah grant that? Please clarify me this doubt.

Marrying Non-Muslim Person

Can a Muslim woman marry a believing man of another religion. That religion being the ones the scriptures were revealed to. A believing Christian or Jewish.

Friday, May. 15, 2020 | 16:00 - 16:45 GMT

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