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Questions Answered in this session

Demonizing the Whole West

Assalamu alaikum sir. I  have noticed tendency of demonizing the whole west within some shaikhs. Part of which is labelling western non Muslim and non hijabi  women as immodest and immoral like animal. Is it valid method as it is done by shaikhs?

How do women pray Eid prayer?

How do women pray Eid prayer? Is there any differences in prayer between a man and a woman?

Can we give zalah al-fitr to non-Muslims?

Can we give zalah al-fitr to non-Muslims who are suffering?

How many takbir do we say before each Rakah?

How many takbir do we say before each rakah during Eid prayer?

Is Zakat al-fitr fard or a sunnah?

Is Zakat al-fitr fard or a sunnah? Will there be any sin on me if I don’t pay it?

Calculating the moon sighting by astronomical calculations

Is calculating the moon sighting by astronomical calculations haram? Should we just follow the sunnah and just stick to actual moon sighting?

About purity

AOA, My question is about purity.  I was sleeping when there was a knock on door. I was half asleep when a dream started in which I masturbated the dream only lasted about a second. I quickly woke up. I checked and found no wetness and no white marks on legs however since I was wearing white pajama I couldn’t see marks on that. I felt I was pure so I didn’t take ghusl. Secondly it takes me almost 1.5 hours to do ghusl. I take a lot of time cleaning my nails from both inside and outside. I cut my nails to that extent that I have literally no nail left. Still while doing ghusl I cut them to remove yellow marks on it Idk what are that so I remove them which often result in removal of my skin it most of time don’t hurt but sometimes it does. I then use wet match stick to ensure water reaches every part especially in front of nails there’s a crack between finger top and nail so it takes a lot of time doing that. Plus when I take bath I saw my skin turning white and shedding especially in nails so it just take a lot of time to remove them. I do the same for foot and hand nails. I literally wash almost every part thrice even every finger and nail. I try to remove every bit of dry skin peeling off of my body even if it is of few millimeters. It takes me  a lot if time. I see these dreams very often most of time its dry and coz I wear white pajamas and I have dry skin resulting dandruff deposit on it legs so I do ghusl but today I saw no white deposit on leg no wetness so I didn’t do ghusl but I have question what if marks were on my white pajama. I felt pure so I didn’t do ghusl kindly tell what should I do  ?

Watching Islamic Cartoons

Assalamu Alaikum . I’m 15 years old and I’ve a younger brother who is 8 years old. We both love watching cartoons. But we only watch islamic cartoons, not those portraying the prophets (Peace Be Upon Them) . 

 These cartoons only show doing regular chores in an islamic manner. some are specially for teaching kids surah and du’aas . Some shows a cartoon character praying or reciting the Holy Quran .Some says that these are haram and showing salat or other islamic things are very bad . Is watching cartoons forbidden even if they teach us islamic morals?

Thank you.

Fasting during travel or Work

Assalam o Alaikum, hope you guys will be great.

I have a question regarding Fasting in the month of Ramadan while you are working and travelling.

I will describe my situation here as its really difficult for me to find out whether I am a traveller or not.

So I am working out of Town approx 260km and staying approx 56km away from Site where I work so i have to travel 50 minutes each way every day to Motel.

I do not have a fix schedule but It seems to be more than 10days in motel per shift here for me. It gets really hard to keep my fast sometime as I am working 12 hours+ 1.5 hour travel and I have no clue whether I am permitted to break my fast or not.

Thankyou In advance and stay blessed. JAZAKALAH

Question on Wudu

My question is that if a person has a disease of silsilatul baul few drops after urination and passing of wind.so should he do istinjaa after every salah.And in ghusul should he do wudu berfore or after or both.should that kind of person leads the salah.

Expiation for breaking vows

Assalamualekum Some 13 years ago I made a promise to Allah (SWT). I was very young. The situation was that I overheard my mother saying that she might be pregnant, I did not want a sibling at that age so I prayed to Allah (SWT) that may she be misunderstood and this all turns out to be unreal and if so happens I will pray Quran everyday for 1 hour. A few days later, my mother had a miscarriage. My question is: (1) Do I have to fulfill my nadhr even though it didnt happen the way I intended it to? (2) If I have to fulfill past years’ its so many days, how can i possibly make up for them given that I have a family and kids to take care of now. (3) Do I have to pay expiation and how? (4) can I pay it in a place/country where I do not live? (5) Do I have to pay according to the cost of the food per person where I live? (6) How can I possibly pay for all the days I missed, I will not be able to afford that much and also I cannot fast that many days given that I also have to make up for missed Ramadan fasts? (7) can I pay someone/website to feed the poor by sending them the money but not mentioning kaffarah in it ? (8) do i have to stick to it for the rest of my life after paying kaffarah Yameen? (9) I dont remember how i thought i would do the 1 hour, maybe it was in one sitting but i am not sure, since I have a family now its not always possible for me to do the one hour in one sitting, what do i do now?

Breast reduction surgery

I am 15 hears old and my breasts are super huge and saggy. Is it permissible for me to have a breast reduction surgery when i get older? Please note that my breasts cause me a great deal of embarrassment and are affecting my daily life.

Eating sand

I played a game call eat sand where you eat sand salt water and lava. I record it a posted on youtube but I fear stupid people may actually eat sand salt water and lava because of my video and I read what could happen if you eat too much sand with some disorder or something and it was bad. what should I do make duaa and ask Allah for it to not happen blame it on waswas will I be affected and punished if they do it because of me.

Problems regarding wudu

I have been having some trouble with keeping my wudu, right from when I begin making wudu I feel like I am gonna release a gas, sometimes I manage to hold it while other times I have to redo my wudu. If luckily I am able to keep my wudu & begin my salat I again feel the rumbling sounds & feel like I am about to pass a gas, so I try to hold it as long as I can. I wanted to know if this is permissible & is there any solution to my problems. And is it fine to make dua without wudu after salat?

Congregational Duaa

As-salamu alykum,

Recently, my cousin passed away in Pakistan. Someone, from USA, organized a congregational Dua for her forgiveness Via zoom. Is this permissible?

Giving zakah building an Islamic Educational Facility in a Western country


Thank you Br for all your efforts.

My question is related to zakat el mal.

Can we offer our zakat to the building of an Islamic Educational Facility in a western country? This place will be the first of it’s kind in the city of Brisbane,  in Australia in a capital city.

Alhamdulillah! With your overwhelming support on the 27th night of Ramadhaan, we managed to raise over half a million…

Posted by Brisbane Community Education Centre on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The above link gives an idea of the number of people it will serve and its costs. Some money has already been raised for this facility but it’s not near the required amount.

Jak once again

Reading surat al-Mulk in English

Assalamu Alaykum, can we read suratal Mulk in English before sleeping or must it be in Arabic?

Collecting savings to give zakah?

Can all the family members collect together their savings to give zakah, husband, wife, adult children who live in the same house, in order to reach nisab?

If someone has savings but uses those savings within the year, must they still pay Zakah or do we only pat Zakah if those savings increase or stay the same?

Treating Non-Muslim friends kindly

Salaam Wrb, dear respected scholar. I’ve read a verse in the quran which says that “strive against the steadfast disbelievers and the hypocrites, and be harsh with them.”(surah 9 verse 73).  I was planning to show kindness to my closest non-muslim friends during this time, so is it permissible to do? If so, what does quran 9:73 refer to? Did 9:73 of the quran abrogate surah mumtahinah where it says that Allah does not forbid those who don’t fight you from dealing kindly(al birr) with them?

Expiation for Intercourse during the Day in Ramadan

I had intercourse with my husband during the day may Allah forgive.

 I found out I’m pregnant what are my options to perform kaffrah


Assalamu alaikum shaikh. Are women dirty as they experience menstruation?  What is the Islamic teachings regarding this?

Washing Clothes for Eid

If i was in a state of junub and wore different clothes do i need to wash all of these clothes for eid, thanks?

Celebrating Eid during the Pandemic

Is it really appropriate to celebrate Eid when this pandemic is taking so many lives, not to mention all of the oppression and injustices going on towards Muslims?

Being a Judge in a Secular Country

Can someone become a judge or lawyer in a secular country?

Repenting from theft

Someone has stolen something that they no longer have so how do they repent from that?

Schizophrenia and offering prayer

Do people with schizophrenia or bipolar do they have to pray 5 times a day?

Keeping pets

Can we own pets especially dogs?

Friday, May. 22, 2020 | 16:00 - 16:45 GMT

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