Is there really any evidence that a wife is required in Islam to cook, clean, take care of the kids

It is wrong for your husband to think you are to serve him as if he is the master, and you are his slave. No. Allah makes it clear in the holy book:  wives have rights in proportion to the rights of their husbands over them.”


Therefore, for your husband to think that you ought to cook and clean and everything at home after you have come home from work is ultimate cruelty and injustice. If he thinks that is Islam, he is guilty of the deadliest of sin: associating partners with Allah by falsely alleging things on behalf of Allah.


How can Allah order something unjust, cruel, and wicked? The Prophet, peace be upon him, used to do house chores as his wife Aishah says: when asked what the Prophet doing at home was; she said that he would be helping out the family in the family chores. And when the time for the Salah would arrive, he would head to the mosque.” (Al-Bukhari and others).


In another tradition we also read that the Prophet, peace be upon him, used to clean the house and even help out his wives in cooking: One day they were ready to pray, and then the Prophet, peace be upon him, told them to wait; he went home and came back, saying: I forgot to place the lid on the cooking pot!”


So, if anyone thinks that a person can demand his wife to do cooking and cleaning after coming home from work, he is cruel and unjust. You don’t need to spoil him; if he wants food, he should help out in all the chores, including cooking and cleaning; nor can he expect you cook for his friends. By doing so, he is guilty of spousal abuse. If he continues to do this, you have a right to divorce him.


Almighty Allah knows best.

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