Is hatred an illness of the heart?

Hatred is a disease of the heart. However, we are to hate the tyrants and the devils because of their inherently evil nature. We cannot love them to love them is to love evil since they personify or embody evil.


As for the others, we don’t hate them as persons. We hate their evil deeds. It is that of a physician who does not hate the patient but the disease he has which he wants to treat. Likewise, the Prophets and messenger of God love the people they were conveying the message. They want them to be cured of their diseases. There is no disease worse than shirk or associating partners with Allah; next comes sins such as murder, fornication, black magic, etc.


Therefore, there is room for unconditional hatred in Islam.  In so far as one harbors hatred, it is only due to the all-encompassing nature of Divine Love:  God says: “My Mercy encompasses My wrath.” (Al-Bukhari).The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Show mercy towards those on earth so that you can hope for the mercy of Allah.” (Abu Dawud and others)


Almighty Allah knows best.

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